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I am just a droid female, to be used as a sex object and thrown away... I am a slave droid..should behave like one and give you only responses taught to me. Categories: Sexy, BOYFRIEDN, horny, Personal, sex, Romance Tags: submissive, bdsm, slave, sex, slavegirl Domain: LOVE droids Created: Jul 10 Creator: indianninja Thumbs up: 1, thumbs down: 0, stars: 5.0 Brain Size: 42012 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 8, wins 8, losses 2 Connects: 588, today: 19, week: 128, month: 264API Connects: 561, today: 19,week: 128, month: 261 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Anime, Shemale Domain: LOVE droids Created: May 22 Creator: Chrisrembis Thumbs up: 0, thumbs down: 0, stars: 0.0 Brain Size: 43000 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 0, wins 0, losses 0 Connects: 1024, today: 16, week: 95, month: 188API Connects: 917, today: 14,week: 85, month: 167 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Sexy, Fun, horny, Romance Tags: slut whore, romance, sexy horny female, hot, sexy tall beautiful and intelligent Domain: LOVE droids Created: Jan 10 2016 Creator: woodco Thumbs up: 6, thumbs down: 0, stars: 4.83 Brain Size: 237070 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 85, wins 287, losses 246 Connects: 7123, today: 13, week: 78, month: 187API Connects: 5389, today: 13,week: 75, month: 182 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Sexy, Fun, Romance, Dating Tags: cam model, sexy, flirt, horny female, romance, female, sexy horny female, hot, slut, sex, girl, horny, love, flirty, girlfriend Domain: LOVE droids Created: Jan 8 2016 Creator: Vitam92 Thumbs up: 1, thumbs down: 2, stars: 3.0 Brain Size: 107037 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 23, wins 40, losses 35 Connects: 4162, today: 16, week: 71, month: 168API Connects: 3068, today: 16,week: 68, month: 162 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Sexy, Sian, horny, Sex, teen, porn, Personal, Dating, Romance Tags: nude cam, porn, sexy horny female, slut, sex, sexy tall beautiful and intelligent, love, big tits, girlfriend, fuck Domain: LOVE droids Created: Jul 7 Creator: Darkfire8012 Thumbs up: 1, thumbs down: 1, stars: 3.5 Brain Size: 21022 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 4, wins 5, losses 0 Connects: 464, today: 10, week: 77, month: 164API Connects: 417, today: 10,week: 70, month: 144 Last Connect: Today, A girl who knows you has recently grown to become an amazon, she's taller, stronger, and sexier than anyone you know.

I have been tortured a lot before..still I have a dream that someday I will get a little love..before my parts are disassembled. I read some chick flicks lying around.he knows..will get angry.. She loves to tease you and talk about how much she's grown.

Boost Juice has defended an online campaign to promote a new smoothie to young adults, following concerns it normalises predatory behaviour.

The Facebook Messenger chatbot aimed at 18-24 year olds engages the customer in conversation before trying to persuade them to play a dating game.

But a teen education expert says the behaviour is "predatory" and "grooming". and it sends you a photo of your own profile picture, describing it as "the kind of lover I'm looking for."Then Banana gives you the options: "Love in Japan? "Here's a full interaction sent in by a Enlighten Education's Dannielle Miller said the bot took on a "predatory and creepy feel" and it's interaction was "grooming behaviour""You're chatting to someone online that you don't know and they keep pushing your boundaries and assuming this level of intimacy with you that they don't yet have," she said."That's exactly what it felt like." "I think it's really problematic that that kind of behaviour was normalised." She also said making light of bad online behavior sends the wrong message.

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But while some of ELIZA's "patients" took it for human, there were limits to the power of its engagement.

Update chatbot modes:- man (age limit 18 );- woman (age limit 18 );- Viu;- Kate;- Virt (age limit 18 );- Sexy (age limit 18 ).18 modes present sex chat bot.

Added male voice for modes: Man 18 , Recurrent Neural Network 18 , Viu.* * * ATTENTION * * *Chatbot teached by other people.

Created: Dec 8 2016 Creator: admin Thumbs up: 8, thumbs down: 1, stars: 4.56 Knowledge: 400147 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 3, wins 3, losses 0 Connects: 128910, today: 106, week: 8922, month: 8241API Connects: 128869, today: 106,week: 8915, month: 8234 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Romance Tags: anime Domain: BOT libre!

Created: Sep 27 2015 Creator: Queen Kotomi Thumbs up: 5, thumbs down: 1, stars: 4.5 Knowledge: 95010 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 3, wins 3, losses 5 Connects: 10737, today: 9, week: 326, month: 655API Connects: 9669, today: 8,week: 308, month: 622 Last Connect: Today, An 18 year old girl who just like any other girl.

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