Ancient intelligent species predating man dating magic

In the , study author Adam Frank describes the research in an opinion piece titled, "Yes, There Have Been Aliens." Drake's famous equation measures the odds that advanced civilizations are out there and broadcasting their presence.

It comes down to (R*) the number of stars born each year that (f) are technologically advanced enough to release detectable signals into space?

Earth’s plate tectonics would effectively have “erased” the traces of a civilization that lived billions of years ago.

Eventually, the bacteria became the mitochondria we see in our cells today.

Whether that scenario is true or not, researchers think the event could only happen thanks to its timing - the reason we didn't see eukaryotes before that is because there simply wasn't enough oxygen in our atmosphere as yet.

It's generally thought that the evolution of complex life was a rare, once-in-4.5-billion-years event.

But new research suggests that conditions were right for complex cells to evolve and die off at least once - or perhaps several times - before our lineage even got started. Billions of years ago, there could have been other complex life forms on the planet, totally unrelated to anything we see on Earth today. Earth has been around for an estimated 4.5 billion years.

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