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Too many abused and mentally ill people in such a small group of people in one profession and/or central location - doncha think? AXL ROSE rant onstage regarding Rolling Stone Article detailing childhood family sexual abuse: Additional links: Teri Hatcher Molested as a child Mickey Mantle molested as a child Queen Latifah molested as a child Gabriel Byrne molested by a priest Carlos Santana molested Jack Nicholson product of incest Self Destructive Behaviors - Alters coming forward to punish those who tell" Tila Tequila Self Destruct: Additional list of abused celebrities: Alexander Pushkin (poet) abuse, info courtesy of AEST Alice Walker (author/activist) abuse Andrea Dworkin (author/activist) rape Angela Rose (activist) sexual assault (visit Angela's site here ) Angela Shelton (actress/model/director/actvist) incest Angie Dickenson (actress, etc) emotional abuse Angelina Jolie (actess) child abuse (sexual?) Anne Heche (actress) incest Anne Sexton (poet) child sexual abuse, info courteousy of AEST Antwone Fisher (author) emotional abuse/child sexual abuse Axl Rose (musician) child sexual abuse (according to Baby Lyssa Chapman (famous bounty hunter/daughter of Dog) statutory rape Beethoven (composer) unspecified child abuse Beth Chapman (famous bail bondswoman/wife of Dog) domestic violence Bill Clinton (former U. President) secondary domestic violence Billie Holliday (singer) childhood rape Billy Connoly (comedian) incest Brett Butler (actress) domestic violence Britney Spears (pop singer) child sexual abuse (by father) Carlos Santana (musician) child sexual abuse Carrie Otis (model) rape Chester Bennington (musician) child sexual abuse Christina Aguilera (singer) unspecified child abuse/secondary domestic violence (by father) Christina Applegate (actress) dating violence Christina Crawford (author) emotional abuse Cindy Williams (actress) emotional abuse Clara Bow (actress) incest Connie Francis (singer) rape Corey Feldman (actor) child sexual abuse Dave Mustaine (musician) child physical abuse/secondary domestic violence Dave Pelzer (author) multiple forms of abuse Derek Luke (actor) child sexual abuse Desi Arnaz, Jr. with Children is packed full of famous guest stars and great talents.One way or another, each celebrity on set contributed a little extra oomph to one of the most favored, longest-running sitcoms in television history.

The antics of the Bundy family remains well documented, and the show is heartily recommended!

Christina’s acting career has soared since the 80’s and 90’s.

Today, she’s an Emmy winner and has been nominated for a Tony Award, as well as a few Golden Globes.

The Ray Donovan star's wife, Julie Solomon, gave birth to Camden Quinn Schaech on Thursday (12Sep13) in Los Angeles. Actor Johnathon Schaech has married his fiancee in a romantic ceremony on a beach in Maryland. star exchanged vows with literary publicist Julie Solomon, who is pregnant with the couple's first...

Christina Applegate got married in her sitting room.

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