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Further use of the internet indicated the company was in business until at least the early 1900s and were selling mincemeat for 6 cents per pound in 1900 ( - on Google Books).Even though presumably made for and marketed by an East Coast company, SUN jars are found frequently on the West Coast. 11 offers many needed updates, 500 new additions and revisions.Mason Jars (inspired by this post) plus some sun yellow spray paint.After seeing these jars on Pinterest, I knew I liked the jars in different shades of the same color–I decided to go with blues. Shades of blue acrylic craft paint, and white so that I could dilute any of the colors to a lighter shade.

They are heavy and have cool bubbles in the thick glass.Lighter coats are better - less chance for icky drips. Because the paint is on the outside, the flowers can rest in water on the inside. In fact some of the vintage jars have a nice thicker glass to them when compared to some modern jars. The really old ones with the bubbles in the glass: they should not be used for canning. I don't know if there is a date where you can specifically know that the jar is ok to use in the pressure canner. When I say don't use antique jars for home canning, I don't mean just old canning jars. Fill them with pasta or dried beans for your kitchen countertop. Set them on a windowsill and let the light shine through. (I know some of you are concerned about that.)Best of all they are solar powered, they don’t use any electricity, and are so gorgeous out in my garden. Personally I would not use antique jars for canning. In fact some of the old ones are nice thick jars and seem sturdier than even new jars. Fill them with homemade cappuccino, or someones favorite nuts or make a soup in a jar gift. Make sure it is stable and not falling in and then use it for all those jars of food you will be canning up from your new garden. No canning jars are injured for the sake of prettiness.

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