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I just have such high expectations for parents, which is the reason I am not one myself (I'm not ready! The first thing I thought when he told me this was, "Did he not learn his lesson the first time around?! That mom has joint custody of the youngest son, and she raises him with her boyfriend. I'm 28, as I mentioned before, I have a Master's degree, a solid career, my own condo, only a few years away from being completely debt free including the mortgage, etc. @banshee I completely agree that financial issues are huge relationship killers; in fact, I think I read somewhere that it was the number one cause for divorces, at least in the U. The thing with this guy is that we have talked about finances a lot. We get along well, we like many of the same things, there's chemistry between us, etc. She is pretty much out of the picture, and the kids don't even consider her their mom. I do have some qualms about the parenting, which I could see becoming a problem should we ever get married. I think the hardest part for me is determining whether flags are really red or if they are just... I'd hate to dismiss a perfectly good guy because of imaginary red flags.Evan, I fall into the majority of divorced women with a degree who are looking on line, but with children.Dating with children changes the rules of the game entirely. As a single person without children you are open to possibilities, open to long distance relationships even, but when the kids are around then we have to change our mindset to realizing that we are Teflon until the kids are out of the house, that the Brady Bunch was just a fantasy TV sitcom, and that living a life of dating without the kids makes us live two lives, one with kids and one without.Soon enough you’re going to resent one of them, if not both, and the idea of bringing your children along for dates is not really something acceptable.

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“There’s definitely a huge pressure on young people these days,” says Anna, 26.

The film is an ensemble drama, about the effect the internet and technology has had on relationships, intimate or otherwise.

They're no groundbreaking original story lines. There is a Romeo (Ansel Elgort) and his Juliet (Kaitlyn Dever).

That’s how I feel, that every man I meet will never really date me for a serious relationship because I have children, and especially if he has his too, then it’s like he can understand but he also doesn’t want to pick up someone else’s slack.

Perhaps you can recommend a different resource…or you can explain how your comments apply when it comes to dating with children.

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