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You’re not quite sure why the Buffalo Bulls have a name that sounds so similar to the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, but you nevertheless hope that the eighth-seeded Bearcats will jump on this trend and change their name to the Cincinnati Rods.: While the first-seeded Villanova Wildcats haven’t lost a game since Jan.Users could be unnerved about the extent to which their conversations are reviewed, at least by computer programs.'We've never wanted to set up an environment where we have employees looking at private communications, so it's really important that we use technology that has a very low false-positive rate,' he said.

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This arrangement symbolized the girls’ trip that Amy had saved up for two years to finance. Without consideration, she began to steer her feet towards the Marais. Like message boards, chat rooms are popular spots for so-called flame wars in which two or more users enter into a tirade of insults sparked by a minor disagreement.But these same factors can also work in your favor.Each day so far, she’d returned from solo morning walks to a jet-lagged, whining late-teenage daughter, whom Amy noted was newly swathed in the freshman fifteen, and sister-in law who had always worn what Amy called the “Mahwah 30”: 20 pounds of flesh, ten pounds of makeup. “You and dad had the world’s best picnics, in Paris, without me. “Tony felt the same way about Disneyworld as I did,” Amy said. He used to say, the real world is a magic king—“ “He wouldn’t have been so lame,” said Maddy. He wouldn’t have, actually,” Amy said, blowing air through her lips. “Tony and I went to Disneyland with our parents, you know. She had wanted so much to take her daughter, a moderately-observant Jew, to the Jewish quarter, but things never transpired as planned. ” No husband, but I’ve been on thirty dates in ten years, gotten laid twelve-point-five times, she wanted to say. If Amy closed her eyes hard, a dusty memory might emerge of uncles in Millburn, New Jersey, little black boxes wrapped around the arms, rocking in back rooms and her mother saying to her, “they’re still praying like that, for some reason.” “My husband is dead. Both her companions noticed all that was bad about France—the sirens, the sewage smell, the reliable rudeness of waiters—and nothing good, neither a flying buttress nor a charming café. “It was your Dad’s dream to take you to Paris,” said Amy. “What I’d actually like,” Maddy continued, “is to see Mickey Mouse wearing like, one of those cute French hats. All that money saved, and she wouldn’t be here again for a decade, and honestly, had Marie Antoinette felt a bigger dropping sensation in her gut when they dragged her to be beheaded at the Place de La Concorde? I’ve reached the point where I’d kiss anyone, I’d kiss you.

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