Foamy the squirrel dating advice script

Strong Bad: [reading "Tori from VA, TX"] Tori from Virginia and Texas, respectively.

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Chapter 4The balance of the meal passed uneventfully. The First Day Chapter 5“Do you have anything to declare, madam?

His object in writing them was to preserve for his own use, and the freshening of his recollection, those keen but fleeting impressions which are caused by the first contact with new scenes and persons, and never can be set forth with their original vividness unless promptly embodied in writing.

Portions of the current record which Hawthorne so carefully preserved were afterwards recast and utilized in the chapters of "Our Old Home"; and, had he lived longer, further material from them would very likely have been introduced into his finished work.

this trope became less common as the web became more widespread, and as home media and streaming became more acessable.

It is also a prime way of enforcing Status Quo Is God.

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    To armchair psychiatrists, who are rarely in short supply when a member of the A-list hits choppy water, her performance on last year's Tony Award podium is evidence that her problems may have been brewing for some time.

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