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Did not fish and saw a couple fish caught while I was on the river!!!******************************* 78° M/ Vis~10M wnd~2S Hmd~50% DP~58° BP~30.18↓ Set pm ↑ Rise am↓ Gas Monticello .28→ Delphi .36→ Lafayette .27→ ******************************** N.These two blocks house a total of 194 units, with units measuring from 1,809 square feet to a staggering 6,000 square feet.These units have access to the best views of the KLCC skyline.Nearby condominiums are the Hampshire Place, 2 Hampshire and the exquisite Panorama.

Hampshire Park has been one of the KLCC enclave’s pioneers — it’s been standing since 1999.

After several years of writing Baggage Reclaim and being asked numerous times “Are they emotionally unavailable?

”, I’ve put together a list of the most common unavailable relationships , as I’ve realised that pretty much everything I’ve heard falls into eleven types of relationship.

In fact they aren't even 3x as strong radially when 4 bearings are stacked. You can buy plain vanilla 6204's for .69 apiece while ABEC7 quality 6204's are .

Here's what you can get by stacking them: Consider that for the ballscrew application the load is going to be largely axial as we are trying to prevent the screw moving along its axis and introducing backlash.

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