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TVGuide.com: You recently got married, but can you still relate to awkward dating situations? I've had many more years of the awkward dating situation than the marriage. Looking for love is such a universal thing that I think there is something in every episode that people will grasp onto as the series goes on. With all of the characters there are romantic challenges they have to sort of go through, but they're always able to lean on each other. Milano: Really the heart of the show is about a group of friends who are totally functional with each other, and then as soon as they step outside of their immediate circle, they're socially inept.

I think what makes a show successful and what makes the individual characters successful is the chemistry between the cast.

See what celebs, politicians, and everyday citizens are saying about the Ugh.

As you know, everyone sent Jimmy Kimmel and his family an outpouring of love after he revealed on Monday night that his newborn son, Billy, underwent emergency open-heart surgery just a few days after birth.

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"That was right after Britney broke his heart, I swooped in for the kill!

See photos of Alyssa Milano TVGuide.com: How did you decide to do another sitcom?

Milano: I never go into a pilot season reading scripts and say I want to do a sitcom or I want to do a drama.

Alyssa Milano put the brakes on some Cruz control today! The agreement, negotiated by 195 United Nations countries, was ratified in order to slow the damage being done to the environment.

When reviled Republican Senator Ted Cruz reached out to the politically minded actress on Twitter, she responded with a HIGHlarious rejection that we only wish we could have seen in person. Video: Late Night Hosts Hilariously Break Down Trump's 'Covfefe' Blunder! But of course a man who doesn't believe in climate change at all — and who always makes the worst decision in every case — would declare it a "bad deal." Here are his brief, money-centric words on the matter: Filed under: Politik • Jim Carrey • Donald Trump • Hillary Clinton • Sarah Silverman • Josh Groban • Chelsea Handler • Debra Messing • Twitter • Sarah Hyland • Alyssa Milano • Don Cheadle • GIFs • Viral: News • Patton Oswalt deal.

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