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just forgotten, kind of like those pictures you took on your grade 8 school trip, then left them in your dresser drawer and didn't look at them again for 15 years ...

Hasan fled to the US just hours after Vasilije's death and seemingly 'confessed' online to the stabbing attack at Vasilije's home in Kitchener, Ontario.A Canadian fugitive has been arrested in Texas after he allegedly confessed to fatally stabbing his girlfriend two months ago on Reddit.Ager Hasan was apprehended by Secret Service agents during a traffic stop in San Antonio, Texas, on Tuesday.The Canadian fugitive is charged with the murder of his girlfriend Melinda Vasilije, 22, who died on April 28 in Ontario, Canada The woman was found dead with multiple stab wounds and Hasan fled to the US shortly after she died, according to reports.In May, a Reddit post was purportedly written by Hasan and detailed the murder, recalling pushing Vasilije and grabbing a knife Hasan was wanted for second-degree murder and three counts of breach of recognizance, reported Global News.

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